Sunday, 22 September 2013


OK sorry to mess with the words of a brilliant song, but we have haven't we. Autumn a season I love is already upon us, but for once we have had a summer worth remembering.......

So what did you do for the summer
How did you fill up your days
Did you get bored as the days turned to weeks
Or fill them in all kinds of ways..

We did, we had an adventure
We climbed trees and played in the park
We picnicked inside as the rain tumbled down
Pretending the bed was our Ark

We baked cakes, played board games and giggled (lots)
Made erupting volcanoes on trays
And now that its gone we've the pictures
To remind us of fun summer days........

And so you see although I have certainly taken a vacation from blogging, it has had nothing to do with having nothing to share with you. In fact I am bursting at the seams (not a pretty sight) with all I have to tell, (think bedroom makeover complete....... well virtually ...and fantastic visit to the Twinwood Festival) and well you will see that I will be back very shortly to share these with well as jam making....chutney making...Autumn wardrobe additions.....and dare I say it ....a tutorial for a Christmas banner....I did whisper ....honest...

Have a lovely week, embrace the changing season, at least we are having some this year!

Jenny xx


  1. Your photos made me smile, lovely memory making. Looking forward to hearing all about everything :) xx

  2. You had such a lot of fun fantastic. It was so lovely to have such a good summer for a change. We spent most of it in our pool (only a little blow up type) but in that heat it was fantastic to cool off. Looking forward to all your next posts.

  3. What a lovely time had by all! such happy photos x

  4. What a great time you all had. It was just so nice to have a real summer after the last two washouts, I'm sure we've all benefitted.

  5. Wow you had fun ... I want to come and live at your house!
    M x


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