Monday, 18 March 2013


I've just returned from a little trip to bonny Scotland to visit my middle sister. It was quite an important visit for me as it was the first time that I had seen her since she had finally been diagnosed as having a severe back problem. In short her discs are collapsing! And I am sure you can understand that having complained of  awful back pain for over 40 years and being rather too often dismissed as 'putting it on' she is a bit peeved ( I'm trying not to swear here so replace peeved with the strongest word you would use) at being told it is now too bad to operate and being offered every mechanical assistance that's going. Shut, Gate, Horse, Bolted springs to mind. But all that said I have to raise my hat to her. No she hasn't suddenly stopped living her life, has not stopped doing as much as she is physically able without assistance, has not confined herself to barracks and is trying to carry on as she has had to for those past 40 years. So my visit was lovely. I was a little reassured by her independence, yes she has given up her car, but is putting her bus pass to good use. We had some lovely walks, a little slower this time but still we walked and enjoyed some good old natters and lots of tea ( and whisky...well it would be rude not to in Scotland...right!) So I am afraid unlike my other travels I have not returned with zillions of beautiful photographs as you couldn't see much in this....

 and the only bright shot I got was from the train on the way home.....

 but even that was surprising as my view went from this....

to this...

..... in the space of a few miles.....what is happening to our weather....

And since I have been home it has been much of the same...rain, then fog then snow and hail and back to rain again....Oh how I long for those first warm spring days, winter seems to have lasted for ever......

But tucked up in my snug sewing room I have been dreaming of lovely sunny days .....if only in my choice of projects. As you will know if you have been here before I love to make little girls party and wedding shoes and so from time to time I search the web to try to find the kind of dresses I see my little shoes paired with.  And that's the problem....I cant!
So what do you do but design and make your own....!......and so here are the first peeks at what I soon hope to offer in my let me know what you think...I value your opinions.....

The dresses have a full circle skirt and are fully lined. The underskirt has two layers of scalloped organza attached. The hand made organza flowers are attached to the satin sash but could be mounted on brooch fastenings so that can be removed and used separately. So far I have completed this green sample and have a brown spot and red spot version cut out. I intend to make matching shoes and am toying with making dresses to match these.......

I am thinking of offering the new dresses from  12 months to 4 years, but this is all just an idea at the moment.......and my little bit of spring sunshine......

Hope it finds you all soon though I am not holding my breath....

Jenny xx


  1. mist, frost and damp far this morning

    Thankyou for your lovely coment, it made me feel very righteous- I sacrifice SOOOOOOOOO much for man and horse!!

    I love that dress, prefer the bow sash to the floral corsage on a tiny waist, but love the thought of a corsage brooch or perhaps bracelet/wrist garland (there's a proper name for them isn't there?)

    Better have my breakfast now- off to meet a friend and have a "clean fingernail day" in Bournemouth so gotta get scrubbed up! (may take some time)

  2. Sorry to hear about your sister, I do love those dresses, I haven't got any young people around me at the moment, I think you should do larger sizes on request too, perhaps?
    Sue Xxx

  3. Oh! The little shoes! My daughters are too big for them now but I used to love dressing them in pretty little shoes. These days that mostly want trainers.

    Best wishes to your sister - I think she has every right to be royally "peeved".

  4. It is so good that your sister is brave and carrying on with her life as normal as possible.Best wishes to her. I love those cute so cute shoes, my children are almost grown up now !

  5. The little dresses and shoes are just gorgeous.
    I can fully sympathise with your sister. My mother has collapsing discs and despite two ops is still in constant pain but like your sister she soldiers on admirably. Wishing her well.

  6. Oh, don't stop at 4 years, you should offer those dresses to age 60! They are beautiful x


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