Wednesday, 2 March 2011


Hi blogger buddies
Hope you are all keeping well.
This last week or two has been a bit hectic at Winnibriggs Towers. Finally finished the bits for my giveaway, made my grandson a Fireman Sam outfit to wear to nursery to raise funds for a local hospice charity and celebrated his 4th birthday....

He makes a great fireman!.... coat reconstructed from charity shop mac and trousers made from waterproof kite fabric........

His birthday was actually on Monday, but as this was a nursery day, he started celebrating (and opening presents....soooo many!) on Sunday.
He had a lovely day out at Twin Lakes, with some little friends and then a birthday tea at home with the family.
His very talented mum from Giddy Kipper, (no apologies for the shameless plug there!) made him a fabulous birthday cake and it went perfectly with his table setting......

I think I can safely say he had a great time....well done mum!......
I'll be back tomorrow to show some lovely things the postie has bought, but for now..

Jenny xx


  1. That's a very fine Fireman Sam outfit - and what a cutee your grandson is! The cake is brilliant - bet Alfie was chuffed!

  2. Glad he had a great time, the outfit looks fab well done! Hope the cake was as tasty as it looks! lol

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  3. Wow you have worked so hard on that outfit! the cake is fantastic too, I think we (Bespoke Country)used to exhibit at Country Living near Giddy Kipper, am I right? jennyx

  4. Hi, Jenny and thanks for leaving such a nice comment!! The cottage is SO nice!!
    Congratulations to your sweet grandson, and WOW,what a cake!!
    hugs from the north♥

  5. Great outfit - well done! And fab cake - though hope the folks got out of the flaming car!! Abby x

  6. WOW what a great cake! My son will love to have a cake like that but unfortunately I'm not that good!!!!

  7. Awww what a handsome wee man. A very Happy Birthday to him
    Fantastic cake and outfit - he is a lucky lad with such a talented Mum and Granny xxx

  8. What a lucky boy to have such a talented Mum and Nan.

  9. Oh... 4 year old birthdays are the best...they are so excited and so easy to please!

  10. what a fab cake and fireman's outfit! wow! x

  11. Gosh what a cake...I reckon thats the worst thing when we grow up...the cakes get sensible!!
    this one is gorgeous xx
    Hugs Lynn xxx

  12. Everything fabulous! Especially the outfit! How wonderful to be 4. Best regards Julia


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