Friday, 27 August 2010


Hi lovely readers

This is a very brief post but very important.

First the WINNER of my PASS THE BOOK giveaway is Fiona of Tizduster. Congratulations Fiona, Dandelion Soup and a little gift will soon be on its way to you.  Please let me have your address.
Sorry to those who didn't win, but might start up a monthly book swap or something soon as I have so many good books that I have read and they are rather taking over now, watch this space!

Secondly a really big apology to the winners of my PIF giveaway....I am sorry to say that your gifts will not be ready to dispatch until the end of September instead of August......!!!

The reason is I suddenly received an order for some of my childrens slippers (out of the blue), great.. but they do take time to make, and then I had a cry for help over a dress for a wedding!....and since the latter was from my darling daughter, how can a mum refuse.  So you see I have not been wasting time....time has just run away.  I will get my things done and posted by the end of September come what may so hope I will be forgiven.

So as you can see I will need to be concentrating on doing rather than writing for a little while so enjoy the quiet while I am away and I will be back soon.

PS if Viv from Poohs Abode reads this, or anyone knows her and can pass on a message I still need her address to send my Vintage Swap parcel which is ready to go!

Jenny xxxx

Monday, 16 August 2010

ONLY 132 DAYS.................and a GIVEAWAY..! Christmas, but I have to say in the last week or so it has seemed much nearer.

Firstly at work there has been talk about Christmas catalogues...then I received 2 fabulous parcels, which were just like receiving  early Christmas presents and then this weekend........

Well it wasn't exactly Santa's Grotto, but a snow festival in of all places Basingstoke! We had come for a weekend break at a lovely Spa hotel and took a ride into the town before dinner and this is what greeted us at the entrance!!

The fabulous parcels I received were this....from the lovely Aija of CraftySmiles...

....loads of scrummy things for her own Seaside swap.  I received fabric, and a handmade fish. A necklace and some seashells thoughtfully sent by one of her daughters. There were also sweets, candles and a pretty bag of assorted beads.

As you may know if you follow Aija's blog she has recently returned home after an operation and I was  so surprised that she rushed to get this parcel to me before she was admitted. I had told her not to worry about it, so I am glad she received mine before she went into hospital.

Thank you Aija ( and your daughter) the gifts are lovely.  I hope you are taking it easy and are on the mend.

My second wonderful parcel was from Emma of Silverpebble....

I was only a runner up in her Pass the Book giveaway and just look what I received....

As well as this little book...packets of seeds and.......(please forgive the awful photo, I got a bit too close!)

This exquisite little silver cotton reel, hand made by Emma together with a pearl and a button on a silver chain.  I am so thrilled with it. 
Thank you Emma you are so kind.

Well as these lovely bloggers have made my week another special one I would like to pass on something too...I am going to carry on the PASS THE BOOK giveaway by sending this book

Dandelion Soup by Babs Horton. If you have not read this and like something a little different you will not be disappointed.  A bit of a mystery with shades of Joanne Harris, it really is one that you can't put down!
So if you would like to win this book, (and a small gift too) and would be prepared to read it and pass it on, or pass on a book of your choice just leave a comment on this post.  If you would like to grab the piccie too and pop it on your sidebar that would be great.

I will leave the draw open until next Sunday 22nd August at midnight and post the result in the next week.

Well I think thats enough for one post, I'll be back later in the week with some projects I have been doing.

Hope you have had a good weekend ,

Jenny x x

Sunday, 8 August 2010


Hello readers, I do hope you are all having a good weekend. We had a lovely family get together yesterday, A bit frantic when I realised I had promised puddings and had not even thought about them by Friday tea time. Luckily though as often happens when you do things in a rush they turned out OK. A fabulous Lemon Tart from the Joanne Harris 'The French Kitchen' cook book

so simple but so delicious, tangy and fresh and a cross between a mousse and a cheesecake which I adapted from an old Carnation milk recipe...but I'll share that with you another day...

For now I want to share our trip to Grimsthorpe Castle, yet another little gem so near to us that I am embarrassed to admit that it has taken me all this time to check it out!

The approach to the castle down the driveway is surrounded with beautiful trees..

and the castle itself is stunning..

..On this occasion as we had first strolled around the Antique and Collectors fair which was there we didn't take a tour of the inside of the castle itself,  saving that for when we had more time.  We were not disappointed though with the grounds and enjoyed a wonderful walk all around one of the lakes.

The whole place had such a calm atmosphere, there were loads of visitors and and there is a childrens adventure playground, but you would not have known it.  It seemed like we were alone in the most beautiful English countryside...

how easy it is to miss the commonplace.....

the view looking back from the lake....

...lots of evidence of our very dry summer here so far, the lake overflow not only dry but overgrown.... the end of a wonderful walk, what better than to take tea in the lovely tea room..the cakes were delicious ( and the tea wasn't bad either)

Altogether well worth the entrance fee.

And finally I have a puzzle for you..We found this growing at the side of the lake among the bullrushes....(no not what you are thinking)...

the stem is about an inch thick, but there were none fully opened.  I have no idea what it is and neither does DH...any suggestions welcome!!

Well I'm off now to do a bit of sewing, will be back in the week with piccies of two wonderful parcels I have received this week and details of my own 'Pass the Book'.

Jenny xx

PS I would like to say a big Hello to any new followers for whom I have been unable to trace a blog or Email to contact you personally.  I am so pleased when anyone shows an interest in my ramblings, and don't wany anyone to think that their comments go unread..

Sunday, 1 August 2010


Hello lovely bloggers,
.....well that's it really isn't it?....the reason we blogging folk suddenly disappear for short periods at this time of year....we're doing what we should be and making the most of the great outdoors....And I am no exception.

We have had two great outings this week, but I will show you them one at a time as I feel they both deserve their starring role.

The first was to the Yew Tree Avenue Walk near Clipsham in Rutland.  It is managed by the Forestry Commission, and is made up of around 150 clipped yew trees, some over 200 years old.  It is a lovely though fairly brief walk and is very peaceful.  There is good car parking and is free!

Amos Alexander the head forester of Clipsham Hall during the 19th century started a hobby in 1870 creating figures in the yew trees outside his home the gatehouse.....

The Squire was so impressed he asked him to trim all the trees on the avenue up to Clipsham Hall. His son Charles was to continue the work and upkeep, and then in time the job passed to a local villager, but it all became overgrown during WW2. In 1955 the Forestry Commission took over the site and the Avenue was restored....They trained staff in topiary to continue the work and also create new designs.

The shapes commemorate historical events such as Concords first flight, the first landing on the moon and Royal landmarks.  The trees are trimmed each year in September.

Some need no explanation....

While some seem to be just for fun....unless you know better....!

Not sure what the mouse is doing above the I missing something....

The half mile stretch is a lovely place for a leisurely stroll and when you've seen everything here you can drive a short way to Castle Bytham, a pretty village, and meet some of the locals.......

Some are a bit young....but definitely not shy....especially if you have a crust or two!...

There pond is are the inhabitants!

Thats all for now duck, ( that's apparently how we're supposed to speak in Lincolnshire) hope you enjoyed another glimpse of our Great British heritage

Please join me again later in the week when I will tell of our trip to Grimsthorpe Castle............

Jenny x x