Sunday, 1 August 2010


Hello lovely bloggers,
.....well that's it really isn't it?....the reason we blogging folk suddenly disappear for short periods at this time of year....we're doing what we should be and making the most of the great outdoors....And I am no exception.

We have had two great outings this week, but I will show you them one at a time as I feel they both deserve their starring role.

The first was to the Yew Tree Avenue Walk near Clipsham in Rutland.  It is managed by the Forestry Commission, and is made up of around 150 clipped yew trees, some over 200 years old.  It is a lovely though fairly brief walk and is very peaceful.  There is good car parking and is free!

Amos Alexander the head forester of Clipsham Hall during the 19th century started a hobby in 1870 creating figures in the yew trees outside his home the gatehouse.....

The Squire was so impressed he asked him to trim all the trees on the avenue up to Clipsham Hall. His son Charles was to continue the work and upkeep, and then in time the job passed to a local villager, but it all became overgrown during WW2. In 1955 the Forestry Commission took over the site and the Avenue was restored....They trained staff in topiary to continue the work and also create new designs.

The shapes commemorate historical events such as Concords first flight, the first landing on the moon and Royal landmarks.  The trees are trimmed each year in September.

Some need no explanation....

While some seem to be just for fun....unless you know better....!

Not sure what the mouse is doing above the I missing something....

The half mile stretch is a lovely place for a leisurely stroll and when you've seen everything here you can drive a short way to Castle Bytham, a pretty village, and meet some of the locals.......

Some are a bit young....but definitely not shy....especially if you have a crust or two!...

There pond is are the inhabitants!

Thats all for now duck, ( that's apparently how we're supposed to speak in Lincolnshire) hope you enjoyed another glimpse of our Great British heritage

Please join me again later in the week when I will tell of our trip to Grimsthorpe Castle............

Jenny x x


  1. Lovely! I would love to travel to England sometime and see such things...

  2. I just love clipped yew, and topiary.
    I did try it once but alas without success as patience is NOT one of my virtues!
    Lovely pics, glad you're out and about having fun!

  3. looks like you are having some wonderful summer hols trips out ;0) thanks for sharing!
    When bloggers are off on summer trips gives me a chance to catch up on those ive not commented on for a while ;0)xx best wishes and sunshine xx

  4. That looks like a good day out - I like the mouse and the anchor best! I've never been to Lincolnshire. It's a bit far 'east' for us westerners!
    Love Kathy xxx

  5. Oooh we go to Clipsham, I love it. It always reminds me of Alice in Wonderland for some reason. I want to live in little house at the

  6. An area I have not yet visited - looks lovely!


  7. Fantastic!
    Oh how I'd love
    to visit that magic
    looking place, someday.
    Great photos!!
    Happy day from across
    The Pond....
    xx Suzanne

  8. You sure do know how to have a great time! I must remember this place for when I next visit your part of the world-it looks wonderful!

    Best wishes,

  9. Lovely! It's amazing how people can shaoe the trees like that, reminds me of the fantastic chainsaw wood carvings I've seen recently! :) x

  10. Bless you Mrs Winniebriggs! Thank you for your kind words1 Love you lots, Amanda xxxx

  11. Hi Jenny! Yes - I've been away from my 'puter too. I write my posts a few at a time and schedule them. Thanks for your comments on my blog. I'm pleased the blogmeet went well. I was considering joining you, and even looked up train details, but then my son and his family decided to come down to Lincoln for the weekend. I would definitely be interested to join in another time. SueXXX

  12. Glad you had a great day!! Looks fab!xxx

  13. This place looks magical!
    Beautiful images, thank you for sharing. :-)

    Have a wonderful weekend!


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