Tuesday, 14 December 2010


Hi lovely bloggers

Welcome to any new followers who I haven't yet contacted. I am sorry if I have missed you or can't trace a way of contacting you. You are very welcome, I do appreciate all your comments, and read and try to reply to as many as possible.

Just got back from a terrific trip to Brussels which I will tell you about later in the week when I have sorted my hundreds of photos....

For now though I want to show you the fantastic goodies I received from Shaz at Odd Socks in the Autumn Leaf Swap.  I posted her parcel last Friday, so hope she receives it soon....before the next snowfall or there's no saying when she will get it!

I cannot believe what a treasure trove this parcel turned out to be...I think I will hire Shaz to pack my cases next time I travel. I have never seen so many items packed into one small space.....

beautifully packaged........ and this is what was inside...........

delicious teas..............

a cute badge and a pretty hand made felt leaf brooch........so so pretty and perfect for my camel coat!

an exquisite decorated needlecase in the most gorgeous autumn colours....

pretty fabric, ribbons and buttons.....

the obligatory edible delight........(they didn't last long!).......

And finally....the Piece de resistance.......

Mr Wol...isn't he just the cutest little owl you ever saw!!!

Of course I had to introduce him to my jacabunny, Val and Tyne, his friend who is a baby burble........(made by the amazing Kit Lane)

I think they will get on very well together in the flatland above the computer.......

So as you can see I was a very lucky girl. Thank you again Shaz, I love it all and hope you like yours too!

Well I'm off to do a few hours hand painting for my DD now. They have only 4 working days to get out about 300+ orders, so all hands to the pump.

Jenny xx


  1. Indeed a lucky girl you have been!!!
    Take care

  2. Wow, that was a well filled parcel! Great stuff - love Mr Wol - hope he likes his new mates! And a delightful needle case.

  3. Oooh what a super assortment of goodies! Good luck with the painting!

  4. What a super swap, Jenny.
    I still have some bits for you but still haven't got it together as I wanted to. I feel really guilty but I promise you will get it eventually

  5. Mr Wol is too cute for words, and he seems to be getting along famously with his new pink friends. Congratulations what a lucky duck! :)

  6. Waht a lot of goodies jam packed into one package. Everything is great! Mr. owl is a doll and I love that she thought of all of the sewing things for you!


  7. A lovely parcel of goodies. The brooch is very pretty.
    Hope the orders get out ok!
    Lisa x

  8. Gorgeoud package and I love Mr Wol. I have a jacabunny too from Kit Lane - aren't they great?

  9. Great parcel to receive, so many lovely things inside! Hope your parcel manages to get through as well, seems to be a back log of post around the country! :) x

  10. Gosh, what a great parcel. Love Mr Wol especially!

  11. What wonderful gifts! Hope the painting goes well xx

  12. So glad you liked your goodies Jenny and Mr Wol does seem to be rather keen on his lovely pink companions! I have indeed now received my fantabulous parcel - thank you sooooo much - I shall be blogging the contents soon - it may take a while ;) - Really looking forward to your Brussels blog too. Happy painting & packing. Shaz x

  13. what a lovely swap parcel x

  14. What wonderful pressies, I love the brooch & Mr Wol xx

  15. That is such a cute owl! I've been struggling to come and visit recently because of my mum's illness, but I've just been checking out your Folksy shop and it all looks really good - I hope you get lots of sales as you've got a good range of things - I did my banner ages ago and then just haven't been able to get to the next stage - I'll probably have to wait till next Christmas now! xx

  16. what a great parcel. We love puka tea in our house. Love the owl

  17. Hello Jenny, Shaz here! Just a quick note to let you know that I have at last posted pics of the beautiful gifts you sent to me for the leaf swap. The link is here if you or any of your readers would like to have a look. Thank you again. (P.S. - my feet are lovely and warm!) http://thesockgarden.wordpress.com/2010/12/20/leaf-swap-goodies-almost-a-treeful/

  18. Now lovely! Owl is my favorite.

  19. What another fab parcel, i'm so happy that your swap went so well x


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