Monday, 8 November 2010


Hello my dears ( I sound like that 'old' lady in the childrens TV programme who flies the plane!)

It seems ages since I did a 'proper' post and so much has happened in that time.......

First I can't believe that it was only a week ago that I took these pictures....not very good as they were taken from our car whizzing on our way to Ikea......

And now the trees outside my window are bare!.......

And then only a week ago spent a happy afternoon doing this..........

and now all the bonfires are out and the fireworks done.....

However I'm kind of excited about this picture, not because it is a work of art, or won any competitions, but simply because it is lit with battery operated tea lights from Hobbycraft!  My grandson was thrilled that he was allowed to carry it to the door to show his mummy and daddy, and that it could stay indoors lit!!

I am now trying to get some more to place around the house for Christmas....I have always loved those photographs of stairways lit with candles, but immediately it was followed with gasps of 'how dangerous'. But no more!..... I shall be able to have my dream staircase this year and will show you piccies when we decorate the house.  Obviously they are better in almost darkness, but then real candles don't show that well in the light....but the safety aspect with young children, (and drunk adults) is surely a bonus.

I have been busy sewing again, some orders...though not enough yet!...and none actually from folksy. Have been doing quite a bit of 'secret sewing' for Christmas presents and the Autumn Leaf Craft Swap kindly organised by GiddyStuff

Obviously I can't really show you anything yet but here is a little peek.....

....and finally a very naughty bit of retail therapy... Last winter I was fortunate to pick up an absolute, and I believed never to be repeated, bargain of a beautiful brown winter coat, at our local designer outlet. £299 down to £79!!. A real classic which will last me forever.  Of course being a girl that likes several colourways in her wardrobe, I felt it didn't quite go with everything I possessed and rather fancied a grey. So...with hubbies approval...I withdrew some of my savings and went shopping again......

OK so not quite as good a bargain as the brown, (I had to pay £20 more), but it is super. So warm and I think stylish and a real investment.

I feel now as though I should refuse all Christmas presents as I am so lucky to have such nice things.....but I do like to open a little something on the where was that diamond ring I saw in that catalogue....only joking. We have limited our spending to £20 each this year, but we can make what we I'd better get back to that machine.

BTW, I see the Christmas fairy has been early and sorted out some of the gremlins in the photo upload....yippeeeeeee!!

Hope you all have a productive and pleasant week...

Jenny xx


  1. Now I'm excited too! Those battery operated tealights sound like a great idea...Will be heading straight to the Hobbycraft website! Your coat looks gorgeous by the way.


  2. Wow what a bargain - love it! That embroidery too looks great almost Clarice Cliff in style - can't wait to see the whole thing.

    It's so much better now to upload photos isn't it. Now all I want is for Hotmail to sort itself out and go back to how it was as attaching photos now is a nightmare.


  3. I got battery operated tealights last year and dug them out for our pumpkin too. I like the way they even flicker like the real thing!
    Love your coat ... I'm thinking about a winter coat ... but I've seen some lovely boots I would like as well ... a bit pricey to purchase both methinks! Love Kathy xxx

  4. Those tealights sound a great idea - just a shame there's no hobbycraft around here - shall have to have a look on the interweb.

    I noticed the photo thing was better earlier - here's to it lasting :)

  5. Battery operated tea lights... genius!

  6. I like a 'proper' coat! Am very interested in the embroidery...
    Jille x

  7. Love the idea of the tea lights, I must look out for them. Your coat is lovely and very smart.
    Ann x

  8. That's a beautiful coat, I cannot believe it went down in price so much! I know what you mean about the leaves though, 2 weeks ago we travelled to South Wales and they were just falling, on the school run this morning I noticed the trees are almost bare! Time goes so fast! x

  9. Hi there, Jeska here from Lobster and Swan, just wanted to drop by and say hi and tell you that you won my Dorset cereals giveaway.

    pop your details over to me at lobsterandswan[at]yahoo[dot]com

    have a lovely evening!

  10. Hi Jenny,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, the embroidery made me curious, looks lovely. Also, have you tried to sell via Etsy? I made a post about etsy gifts today, I never heard of Folksy before.
    All the best with the sewing,

  11. The lady on childrens TV show was called Aunty Mabel and her faithfull doggie companion Pippin!!
    You can get the battery operated tea lights in packs of 4 or 5 (can't remember which now) at Wilkinsons.
    Loooove your new coat...I always justify expensive items of clothing/shoes by working out their PPW (price per wear) if its an item you're going to wear alot your PPW will end up being low therefore a great bargain was had!!
    Thats my story anyway!!
    Em xxxxx

  12. What a stunningly elegant coat and a real bargain too.
    I think I will be joining everyone else in the HobbyCraft spree, the tea lights sound fab, Im just wondering how long they last though?
    Also, Cant wait to see your finished embroidery piece, lovely colours!

  13. Lovely colours in the leaves and lantern!

  14. Jenny, thanks for visiting my blog. About the "tobacco cloth"....try etsy! They may ship to the UK. :-)

    LOVE your coat!!

  15. Oh Pippin! We loved watching that programme!
    Lovely colours in your post today....gorgeous.

    You'll be warm and snug and smart too this winter eh? x

  16. Hello Winni
    Your sewing looks interesting??

    Thanks for stopping by..I'm gonna a read what you've been up to now.


  17. Bargain!

    Btw your blog header makes me smile everytime I see it. GORGEOUS.

  18. Love the colours of the embroidery, it looks so pretty! Gorgeous coat too, what a great bargain! :) x

  19. Your sewing looks amazing. Do you mind if I pick your brains? My friend love the handmade slippers at CL but didn't like the price. Can you recommend anywhere for mt so buy supplies to make her some? Also, do you place grips on your slippers? My friend has wooden floors so she would need some. Hope you don't mind me asking, Hxx

  20. Your blog has changed, I suppose that tells you how long it has been since my last visit. I am so glad I came by today. I love the picture in your header. I used battery operated tea lights this year to light the trunk of our car for "Trunk or Treat" at our church, no chance of setting the car on fire. Your embroidery looks so beautiful, I would love to see the whole thing. Your coat is perfect!

  21. Hi Jenny, Great pumpkin, with a tealight battery. As you can see on my blog I have added Google translator, so now you can read my blog posts. Have fun reading.
    Regards, Petra

  22. Naughty Jenny - you made a perfectly beautiful Camel coat the other week - that would have lasted me a lifetime. Mt Winnibriggs is indeed a very soft touch. xxxx


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