Saturday 9 March 2019

Well and full of ideas and plans

So February passed in a blur of coughing, aching limbs and utter lethargy. Somehow this nasty bug sucked out all our energy and enthusiasm, even for eating! (That was its only bonus as it certainly helped my quest to shed a few pounds before the warmer weather gets here)

Then suddenly one morning I got up and actually felt like me! I really wanted to get stuck into some of those plans I had abandoned and even began to think of some new projects. My sewing room was calling again.

So what have I been up to.
First I made up a wearable toile of the 'Jocko' top from Ready to Sew. The only suitable fabric I had was some fleece, which was a bit thick, but it enabled me to see just how boxy the top was.

When you are like me and more of a triangle shape, tops that are too loose are not flattering and I found that I had to go down 2 sizes to make it work for me. Still loose and comfy, but not overwhelming. 
I really like this top and straight away ordered some striped French terry to make up a lighter version.  I think this really works well and it will certainly be a pattern I return to again.

Next I thought I had better tackle some of the costume work I still have to finish for the Chantry Dance Company, for their show Alice, Wonderland through the Looking Glass, later this year.

 It's coming along, though I can't reveal too much. If you're into contemporary dance check out their website to see if they will be performing near you.

And then of course it was world book day. Only one of my grandsons was involved this year, which was just as well as he didn't decide what he wanted to be dressed as until 2 days before the event. 
Amazingly the theme was Alice in Wonderland, in the air or under the ground. Well bless him our little man is potty about worms, but to make a costume he could manage in all day at school was a bit of a problem. Eventually mum persuaded him that a caterpillar was similar and so the one from Alice emerged. Hoodie top, two colours of fleece and some pipe cleaners and voila!

We did make the tail detachable on an elastic belt so that he could sit down and manage other things unaided. Mums amazing makeup finished it off and although I had my doubts that he would actually wear it, he loved it and stayed in it all day.
And just to make his day he was awarded 3 gold stars, so all in all another success.

Well I'm on a roll now so off to do some more of the costumes and some tee shirts ready for my hols later in the year. 
I'm using a free pattern from Love Sewing magazine and even managed to purchase the same yellow spot jersey from Girl Charlee that was used in the magazine. It is a little thinner than I had anticipated but we'll see how it makes up.

Enjoy your week and sewing if you're doing any
Jenny xx

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  1. Sounds like you had the same bug in February that I did. I couldn't believe how tired and lethargic I was! Lost some weight too, but bound to put it back on as my appetite has returned! Hope you stay well.


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