Sunday, 10 August 2014

A lovely Vintage Day

Well we did it.

Olive & Edna opened their first Pop up Shop yesterday and it was great.

I think both DD and I were to a bit nervous, as our little market town is not generally known for its enthusiasm for anything new, however we were based in one of the loveliest old buildings in the town centre above the delicious Liberty Rose Tea Rooms and although we didn't expect crowds we were pleasantly surprised at the steady trickle of customers and more than this the real excitement and interest shown!
Our customers seemed genuinely delighted with our range of stock, and we were asked over and again when we were going to do more. We were also told of one or two other events where we might have a stand, things we had not heard of, gave out loads of cards and spent  a fun day chatting to people who really seemed to embrace the whole vintage thing.

I even ventured through the town with my trusty wicker basket giving out cards! I'm sure from the look on one lady's face that she thought I was giving out lucky heather!! Perhaps the spotted headscarf did rather give that impression, lol.

Thank you to Claire at the Tea Rooms for making us most welcome and Rachel and Rebecca from The White RobinRevive and Relove, and Kirsty of  Kirsty Marie Vintage Rose  who also have lovely shops based here for their support and welcome both leading up to the day and on Saturday.
We are now planning our next outing and one or two other possibilities which emerged, so all in all it was a good day.

.......... and it was great fun !!

 Have a lovely week, I'm off now to make two dresses ready for Twinwood on the 23rd....

Jenny xx


  1. What fun and glad it went well. I remember my Mum wearing a headscarf tied like that back in the late 40s!

  2. I am pleased it was successful for you both. Really pleased that you are considering more! Jille xx

  3. So glad it was a success. Look forward to hearing about the next one.


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