Monday, 22 July 2013


Phew, hows everyone doing in this lovely weather, although I have to say having cooked in temperatures reaching 32 degrees in the past weeks I was heartily peeved when we were greeted on Saturday with grey clouds, a stiff breeze and a chill in the air!" It wasn't much better on Sunday and we even had some drizzle, but the yellow orb is showing her face again today and so I am feeling much cheerier again.

Well on to the reason for this post.
Are you like me and find it increasingly difficult to find tee shirts that suit both trousers and skirts? Either they are too long, too baggy, plastered with slogans or suitable for teenagers, or you just can't find them in the colour you desperately want for a particular skirt. Well I am not in truth a tee shirt shaped gal, having always been one size bigger in my bust than my hips. Get it to fit the top and its far too loose on the hips and and if it fits my hips I look as though I have gone back to 20s style binding at the top....not a pretty look!

So as you do I decided to do a search for top patterns on the web, knowing that there are now a lot of independent pattern makers producing some exciting designs.
What I found however was something much better! A tee pattern that certainly looked a good shape, but was also FREE!!

And the wonderful person responsible for my joy was icandy handmade. Not only has she produced this simple pattern and tutorial she has a host of other stuff that I would like to try out too.

Well this is my version(s). I don't have an over locker (serger) so I just use the decorative stitches on my machine but I think they did the job OK.

I made the neck band on this striped version a little wide, but it actually looks pretty good on as the band stands out giving it a bit of a 60s vibe!

This turquoise one I made from some jersey Lycra mix which I picked up ages ago for about a pound a metre. I have used it with the matt side as the right side as I'm not over keen on shiny tees, but I think it does the job great and I cant believe how it tones with that old Per Una skirt!

And whats more it a dream, so much so that I have been taking all my old too long tees and altering them to this length!

If you have a go yourself I would love to see how yours turns out and if you come up with any other ideas for embellishments. I will certainly be adding more to my wardrobe. Thinking of trying to add contrast sleeves underneath for the Autumn, to give the effect of layering, so will probably add an inch of the contrast to the bottom as well. I'll let you see it if it works out OK.

Right off to get some lunch the garden, before that sun disappears again..

Jenny xx